Exclusive Offers On Ford Cars

Exclusive Offers On Ford Cars

Corporate Employees

Working for a corporation? We have exciting offers for professionals from more than 3000 companies.

Government Employees

We have special offers for state government and central government employee.

Other Professionals

Doctors, CAs, Lawyers, Teachers, and people in many other professions can avail our irresistible offers.

Mission in India/Embassy

Special offers for all Diplomatic or Consulate – Missions in India/Embassy

Served From India Scheme

(SFIS) Special Offers for hotels with one star rating or more

Canteen Store Department

Special offers for all Army Personnel (Army/ Naval/ Airforce)

Taxi Owners

Want to own a fleet of taxis, or just one for yourself? We have offers that are tailored to suit your needs.

Government Departments

Special offers for all Central & State Government departments/Paramilitary Forces/Police Department

Central Police Canteen(CPC)

Special offers for Central Police Force

Differently Abled

Great offers for differently abled drivers