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Here is the Quick Summary on Warranty of the Ford Vehicles

First of all, Thank you for the trust what you have placed on us. We, Varrsha Ford are committed in providing top quality vehicles. We encourage you to read Owner’s Manual to know about the warranty terms and conditions in detail. A summary version is below for your information or reference.

What is covered in The Ford Vehicle Warranty?

Subject to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Owner’s Manual, if any defect(s) found in a Ford vehicle within the Warranty Term, Ford’s only obligation is to repair or replace at its sole discretion any part shown to be defective, with a new part or the equivalent at no cost including labour, replacement parts and tax to the owner for parts or labour when Ford acknowledges that such a defect is attributable to faulty factory material or workmanship at the time of manufacture under normal and proper use and operation within India. Such defective parts which have been replaced will become the property of Ford. The owner is responsible for any repair or replacements which are not covered by this warranty.

What is not covered in The Ford Vehicle Warranty?

Normal maintenance service, including, oil and fluid changes, headlight aiming, fastener retightening, wheel balancing, wheel alignment and tyre rotation, cleaning of injectors, adjustments of the carburettor, ignition timing, clutch and valve clearance.

Any consumable items that require periodic replacement as part of normal vehicle maintenance and replacement of normal wear and tear parts including without limitation, lubricants, fuel filters, air filters, spark plugs, oil filters, wiper blades, emission valve odour/mesh/cow pollen filter, belts, hoses, rubber boots, brake pads/disks, friction materials, clutch facings and bulbs, tyres, paint work, panel etc. or bodywork and their components made of glass, trim or decorative components, weather strips, door run channel, suspension bushings/joints, shock absorbers, axle bearings and wheel bearings.

Mechanical failure or damage resulting from:

  1. Abuse/misuse of the vehicle;
  2. Vehicle service and mechanical failure attributable to exceeding the manufacturer’s operating limitations not done as per schedule is given in the Owner’s Manual.
  3. Running a vehicle once a defect or fault has occurred (including loss of lubricants and coolant)
  4. Impact or consequential failures during road accident
  5. Use of non-genuine Ford parts or accessories not approved by Ford; services, assembly, disassembly, adjustment or repair was done anywhere other than by Ford dealers.
  6. Use of contaminated fuel or lubricants and coolants
  7. Insignificant defect that do not effect vehicle performance (including without limitation) sound, vibration and fluid seepage
  8. Use of LPG or alternative fuel unit other than a unit fitted by the vehicle manufacturer.
  9. Body modification not approved by Ford, any special body construction made by a third party manufacturer and not by Ford.
  10. Vehicle used for purposes other than what it was designed for example competitions, racing, off road use unless specifically designed for the purpose.
  11. War, accident, fire, overloading beyond specified vehicle weight, theft
  12. Civil war, rebellion, revolution, military and usurped power, terrorism, nuclear risk, sonic boom, typhoon, floods, Tsunami waves, earthquakes or from any other external cause or other natural calamities.
  13. Used for public or emergency services (such as, but not limited to, police, fire brigade, ambulance, rescue, military purposes).
  14. Any other expenses incurred due to loss of time, inconvenience, commercial use, or other direct or indirect loss, including consequential loss, penalties for delay or detention, or in connection with guarantees of performance or efficiency, damage or liability incurred as a result of a mechanical failure (including personal liability)
  15. Any mechanical failure or costs covered by any other warranty or entitlement
What is Owner's Responsibility?

Please read the Owner’s Manual carefully and be sure to carry out the regular maintenance checks and service items detailed in this section. Correct maintenance is an essential part of the warranty requirements, and your Ford Dealer will want to see whether you have completed all the required service actions and have the necessary service stamps in the service history log at the time any repair under warranty is being reviewed.

Correct service actions will also help maintain your vehicle in good condition, prolong its operating life and retain its value.

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